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Born 1960 in Krems, Austria, lives and works in Salzburg.

Started photographing as a child and never stopped. Graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna 1990. Worked as a freelance camerawoman for TV. Created two documentary films „Ilse, wo bist Du?“ and „Saudade – Rendezvous in Brasilien“.

Published a book following the film „Ilse, wo bist Du?“.

Initiated the project „Alzheimer’s- Hope for Family Members“ with numerous film presentations and podium discussions.

Portrait photography in the 70s.

Photography of contemporary jewellery by Andrea MAXA Halmschlager and Masako Hamaguchi.

Currently painting abstract art and designing patterns for dresses, interior decor and art projects.

She creates in her photographic work another dimension of feeling to show new spaces inside and outside. Colours and abstraction shape imagination of nuances and atmospheres.

Art of painting and her photo work are interwoven expressing emotions and generating resonances in harmony.

Her patterns are an appeal to make a change and visualise other perspectives in life.

Decoding inner patterns to decipher them for better living.

The meaning of patterns is multi-layered:
Design, model, sample, paradigm, it means also behaviour patterns…

Photo Project

2001-2002 Latex for friends, Contemporary jewellery by Andrea MAXA Halmschlager

Photo Exhibitions

2014 DieZartheit. DasVergessen. DieAuflösung. Neubeginn.

2015 Das Unberührbare berührbar machen


1989 Golden Bobby for camerawork on the film „Schlaf“

2011 Silver Dolphin in the Category Ethnology&Sociology at the Cannes Media & TV Awards for the film „Ilse, wo bist Du?“

2016 Cultural Fond, Förderpreis für Kunst&Kultur der Stadt Salzburg für das Filmproject „Saudade – Rendezvous in Brasilien“